Gull Wings are wingsuits invented by Max Epper.


Seven Ancient WondersEdit

Jack West Jr. used a Gull Wing to assist his search for Hamilcar's Refuge along the Tunisia coastline to save time flying around.

He and Zoe Kissane later used them during the assault on Guantanamo Bay, covertly dropping onto Mustapha Zaeed's cell. Once Zaeed was retrieved, they used the Gull Wings to carry him back to the Halicarnassus before it took off.

The Six Sacred StonesEdit

Jack and Stretch used Gull Wings to slip onto the Xintan Prison train as they broke out Wizard and Tank. As the Captain of the Guard attempted to drop them into the canyon, Jack activated his Gull Wings to carry him and Wizard back up to the ledge.

The Five Greatest WarriorsEdit

Jack later used a Gull Wing to escape from the doomed false-Halicarnassus during the team's rescue of Stretch from the Mossad.

When trying to reach the Sixth Vertex, Jack put a sandbag dummy in one to fool Mao's forces into thinking he was trying to approach Easter Island from another direction when he was in fact still in the Halicarnassus.


Gull Wings pocess carbon fibre wings for sturdiness. They also have compressed air thrusters to allow the user to attain a greater height during freefall to increase their glide time. However it cannot be used to launch them directly from the ground, and a platform of some kind must be available.


  • Though the Gull Wings appeared in Seven Ancient Wonders, they were not given a name until The Six Sacred Stones.

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