Guantanamo Bay is a U.S. naval base and military prison located in Cuba. 



Fictional HistoryEdit

Seven Ancient WondersEdit

During his time training with the CIEF, Jack West Jr. spent some time at Guantanamo Bay.

After being captured by American forces, Mustapha Zaeed was incarcerated at Guantanamo. The Israeli Mossad discovered Zaeed's fate.

Needing Zaeed's help in locating the remaining Ancient Wonders, West and his team decided to break him out. While West and Zoe infiltrated the detention camp using Gull Wings, the rest of the team used the Halicarnassus to provide a distraction, and when approached by a Marine Squadron, opened fire with rubber bullets, making them think it was all part of a suprise exercise.

Once they had Zaeed, Jack and Zoe took him back to the Halicarnassus, just as the Marines realised that it wasn't an exercise, and managed to escape Guantanamo airspace before any pursuit could be initiated.


Detention CampEdit


Golf CourseEdit

The most surprising part of the Guantanamo base is its 18-hole golf course. The 16th, 17th and 18th holes are all in more open space with few trees spread around. Jack West Jr.'s knowledge of it allowed him to take advantage of the course to use as a makeshift runway for the Halicarnassus.



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