Grondo is a large mountain troll and the King's prized champion.


Before Troll MountainEdit

Grondo made his name as an impressive and imposing fighter, and quickly became a favourite of the Troll King. Eventually he rose to become the King's champion.

Troll Mountain (Episode II)Edit

After Raf was caught and brought to the Great Hall, he witnessed Grondo in combat with another troll. Grondo disarmed his opponent quickly and pinned him, before turning to the King, who determined that he should kill his opponent. As such, he viciously brought his hammer full force onto his opponent's head, to the crowd's approval. The Troll King then thanked Grondo for the entertainment he provided, and asked him to sit by his side, a true honour amongst trolls.

As the wedding ceremony for Turv and Graia, Raf shocked everyone by challenging the Troll King to a match on the Fighting Platform. However the King revealed he could pass a challenge to him onto his champion, and so Grondo took up Raf's challange instead.

Troll Mountain (Episode III)Edit


Personality Edit

Grondo is of commanding physical size, and is even larger than most other trolls – almost twice the height of a human. Grondo has a typical thick grey troll hide that is hard to penetrate, a long snout and tusks rising from hairy tufts on his jaws. Although he has great strength, his brain is small and he is of simple intelligence. He fights with a particularly large hammer which he is able to bring down on his opponents with resounding force. Despite his large size, Grondo is surprisingly quick and able to charge quickly. Grondo’s extra height also allows him greater reach to swipe at his opponents, making him an intimidating, almost invincible, foe.


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