Graia is one of the few female mountain trolls.


Before Troll MountainEdit

Graia is the eldest daughter of two high-born trolls who are part of the Troll King’s retinue. Although she grew up among the privilege and luxury of the high-born, Graia’s grandfather was a guard troll and she treats low-born trolls no differently to those of the royal family. When she was very young her looks attracted the young Prince Turv, son of the Troll King

She regularly visits the kitchen and, although she is shy, she happily talks to the chef, kitchen hands, guards and draggers despite their lowly station. Among the draggers she befriended was Düm, whom she particularly became close to.

Troll Mountain (Episode I)Edit

One day, Düm found Graia crying, because she was being forced to marry Turv, despite her not even liking him. Wanting to help, Düm went to Turv and asked that he not marry Graia and find another she-troll. However this made Turv furious, and challenged Düm to a fight on the Fighting Platform, however Düm instead fled from Troll Mountain.

Troll Mountain (Episode II)Edit

On the day of their wedding, Raf was caught trying to steal the mysterious disease's elixir, and the Troll King decided that he would be his wedding gift for Turv and Graia to feast upon.

Shortly after Graia was brought into the Great Hall for the ceremony, Düm returned with a human prisoner to recompense his leaving to the King. Even as the ceremony began, Raf noticed that she looked miserable. As the Troll King called for anyone to object to the marriage to do so, Raf challenged him to a fight, delaying the wedding for a time.

Troll Mountain (Episode III)Edit


Personality Edit

Unlike the other trolls, Graia isn’t fond of fighting challenges. When the trolls gather to watch a fight on the fighting platform at Troll Mountain, Graia sneaks out and heads to a meadow where she collects wildflowers. Although she is small for a troll and walks with a hunch, Graia is considered extremely beautiful by other trolls.


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