« "Bang-Bang, you're dead" »
— Goliath to Buck Riley Jr
Goliath is a prisoner who is being held in Area 7.


Before Area 7Edit

At some point in his life, Goliath was fitted with a steel plate in his head, likely following a serious accident.

He would later be imprisoned in Area 7 for commiting an unknown crime, where he became the right hand man of Seth Grimshaw.

The day before the President's inspection of the facility, Goliath and Grimshaw were both injected with Gunther Botha's Sinovirus vaccine, which successfully immunised the pair from the deadly virus.

Area 7Edit

After their prison cells electronic locks shut down when the base lost power, Goliath and the other prisoners escaped. Led by Grimshaw, the prisoners gathered their captors, begining with the Air Force personnel in the main hanger.

After the capture of Shane Schofield and his team, including the President, Grimshaw entrusted Goliath with the Nuclear Football that both sides had been fighting over. Goliath watched along with the other prisoners as the two sides were forced to fight a battle to the death. When Colonel Harper became desperate, he launched a Sinovirus grenade and fled, and while it killed most of the prisoners, Grimshaw and Goliath were immume.

Goliath retreated with Grimshaw to the top door to escape the facility, only to be pursued by Book II and Juliet Janson. Goliath awaited the pair from behind a closed door, and prepared to fire a discarded P-90 at the Marine, but was stopped at the last second by Janson. Goliath began fighitng with Book II, breaking his arm and nearly killing the young solider. In a last bid of desperation, Book II activated his Maghook's magnetic head, causing it to attatch to Goliath's head, due to his steel plate. As Goliath flailed around, trying fruitlessly to pull the Maghook off, Book II grabbed the Maghook and pulled the trigger, with the resulting whiplash smashing Goliath's skull, instantly killing him.


  • Goliath (having a disfigurement or odd feature like some of Reilly's other villains) has a steel plate inside of his skull. How he got it is never mentioned.

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