The Golden Capstone is the nine foot tall peak of the Great Pyramid of Giza.


Before Seven Ancient WondersEdit

Though unconfirmed, the Golden Capstone was likely constructed by the super-ancient beings rather than humans, since they included it in their first trial.

It was ordered to be split into it's seven component pieces and hidden by Alexander the Great, after it had served its purpose around the Tartarus event.

Seven Ancient WondersEdit

The Capstone was re-erected by the Americans in order to avoid another Tartarus sunspot from causing havoc to the planet, and to obtain the power of Tartarus. However when Zaeed tried to give power to his homeland, he instead gave it to Australia.

The Six Sacred StonesEdit

When Jack's farm was invaded by Chinese forces, Jack took the Sa-Benben, the uppermost piece of the Capstone, from the mine's cavern and detonated the mine entrance, hiding the rest of the Golden Capstone for good.


Full CapstoneEdit

It is intended to absorb the intense heat given off by the Tartarus Sunspot. There are two incantations that can be performed during the process, and only one can be done. The first simply averts the crisis while the other drives the energy from tartarus into the earth, giving invulnerability and power to whatever nation placed a deben of soil from their homeland into a crucible beneath the Capstone's position.

The FirestoneEdit

The uppermost piece of the Golden Capstone is also known as the Sa-Benben, or the Firestone. Once Tartarus's energy has been infused into the Firestone, it is ready to be used in conjunction with the Six Sacred Stones.

Piece LocationsEdit

Tomb of Alexander the GreatEdit

Inside the Temple of Luxor is Alexander's tomb, which contains the top piece of the Capstone. It is kept inside Alexander's coffin, over his dusty remains. It is the Great Pyramid Wonder's piece.

The Hanging Gardens of BabylonEdit

The Hanging Gardens has the second uppermost piece of the Capstone, kept above a catwalk emminating from the giant stalacite above the zigurat.

Hamilcar's RefugeEdit

Hamilcar's Refuge contains not one, but two pieces of the Capstone; the bottom two pieces. The Wonders they belong to are the Lighthouse at Alexandria and Mausoleum of Halicarnassus.

The LourveEdit

As the owner of the statue of Nike, goddess of victory, from the long-dismantled Statue of Zeus, the Lourve in turn unknowingly owns the upper third piece of the Capstone. The piece itself was inside Nike's pedestal.

Sudan MineEdit

The mine in the Sudan pocesses the fourth highest piece of the Capstone. It had several copies and all were hung around the Colossus of Rhodes's neck like a necklace, and one has to determine which is the real piece.

St Peter's BascillaEdit

The Catholic Church, being a modern-day version of an Egyptian Sun Cult, has the fifth piece of the Capstone. St Peter's Bascilla was built as the replacement to the Temple of Artemis, and thus was given the piece.


  • The Japanese Blood Brotherhood used a second Capstone (likely just an opposite to the uppermost Piece) to perform a counter ceremony to Tartarus. What this is, what its relationship to the Golden Capstone and how they got it is never mentioned.

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