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— Mother on her loyalty to the Scarecrow
Gena Newman, more commonly known as Mother, is a U.S Marine ordinarily under the command of Shane Schofield.


Early HistoryEdit

Gena married at a young age to Ralph Newman, presumably sometime after she joined the Marines, where she earned her call-sign Mother.

In the early 1990's, Mother took part in joint American-Australian operations in Iraq during Desert Storm. During this time, she encountered Jack "Huntsman" West Jr of the Australian SAS.

After many years of service in the Marine Corps, she came under the command of Shane "Scarecrow" Schofield, whom Mother quickly came to have great respect for due to his treatment of his people. She was later offered a position in an Atlantic recon unit by the Marine Corps' Commandant, however she wrote back to him to politely decline the offer, citing that she was happy enough in Schofield's unit.

Ice StationEdit

Mother was part of Book's sub-team investigating a missing hovercraft on the way to Wilkes Ice Station, and when they arrived at the station itself, it was only moments before a fight broke out between the Marines and a team of disguised French Paratroopers. However, while in the central shaft she, Rebound and Legs fell into the diving pool, where they were attacked by killer whales. In spite of the danger she continued to fight, firing her Desert Eagle as they came close, despite the water slowing down her bullets. However as she reached the edge of the pool deck, a whale caught her left leg in its jaw and dragged her under, only to resurface moments later. She managed to kill the whale thanks to the gaseous environment in the station, and while the concusive blast increased the power of her shot, Mother lost her leg to the whale.

She was forced to wait out the rest of the battle while she was still in shock, and Rebound secured her in one of the E-deck storage rooms. Once the battle was over, Mother was given some pain relief and left in the room since it was feared she might have a fit if she was moved again.

When Schofield later came to check on her, Mother reassured him about their victory despite the fact that they had being kept on the back foot throughout the battle, and told him about how she had declined a position in an Atlantic recon unit in order to remain under his command. When he asked her if she knew anything about infiltrators in units, Mother mentioned how many recruits would tell stories about infiltraitors from the government being placed in units. When she asked what brought this on, Schofield revealed his suspicion came after Samurai has been killed, and only their fellow Marines had the opportunity. However, Mother reminded him about a Wilkes scientist who had been sealed in his room for apparently killing another scientist, so Schofield prepares to check on him. Before Schofield left, Mother commented on the anti-flash glasses she gave him to replace his lost ones, and told Schofield that someone (Gant) had their eye on him, though he thought it was the methadone talking.

Later, Mother awoke to find Snake standing in the doorway, and though she believed he had come to give her more pain relief, Snake quickly revealed his intention to kill her. Mother briefly activated her helmet's microphone so that the others might be alerted to the situation, and questioned Snake on why he was betraying them. Admitting that he was a member of the Intelligence Convergence Group (one of the rumoured groups of infiltrators she had mentioned to Schofield, but had dismissed out of hand), he then came at her with his knife. Fortunately, even in her injured condition, Mother was able to keep him off of her and pinned long enough for Schofield to arrive and detain him.

Soon afterwards, Mother was brought out to watch Schofield questioning the traitor, and upon Snake's lack of cooperation, she suggested that they cut off his balls and feed them to the whales. The interogation was soon cut short when an opportunity to communicate outside of the station came up, and Mother was moved back into the storage room.

Schofield soon appeared to her and told Mother that a team of British SAS soldiers were incoming, and began preparing to move her. However, Mother told Schofield to leave her behind, as she knew that she would only slow them down, and implored him to get to McMurdo for reinforcements. Knowing she could die during that time, she jokingly suggested that a kiss from him would be alright, and to her surprise he actually did kiss her before leaving.

Before the SAS platoon arrived, Mother managed to move herself to safety underneath a dumbwaiter to avoid being caught. Despite her efforts to stay awake, she soon lapsed into unconsciousness.

Mother eventually woke up when a team of ICG-controlled Navy SEALs intent on killing everyone arrived in the station. Before they could make their way down to E-deck, she managed to get into some diving equipment and escaped into the diving pool. She quickly found a trail of rope, which she followed to an old research station stuck in an iceberg, where she took shelter and activated her GPS locator.

Mother was soon rescued by friendly forces, and later spoke to Schofield over the phone before she was sedated so that doctors could tend to her injury.

Between Ice Station and Area 7Edit

She returned to duty after receiving a prosthetic titanium-alloy leg, and because of the publicity regarding the incident at Wilkes, she was reassigned, along with Schofield and Gant, to serve on Marine One. During this time, she became good friends with Gant, to the point where they developed a codeword, "Paris", that they could to call for help use if they were being hit on by an unwelcome person, though Mother never had to use it.

Area 7Edit

Mother was part of the unit escorting the President to Area 7, and after hearing Gant use their codeword, helped her escape from Nicholas Tate's advances. Mother remained in Marine One until the base's forces turn on them, and she learns from a televised transmission that if the President dies then fourteen major cities will be blown up. Escaping with Schofield, Gant and Brainiac through the base, they eventually meet up with the President's team.

Mother helps in retrieving the Football, but is accidentally left in Area 7 when the 7th Squadron attacks. While protecting the President, Gant tells her about her date with Schofield, and Mother isn't happy with his inability to kiss her at the end.

Upon being captured by the escaped prisoners, Mother kills the turncoat Carl Webster and goes with Schofield to find Kevin in Area 8. On the way, Mother asks why Schofield didn't kiss Gant, amused by his apparent nerves. During the X-38's escape, Mother provides a distraction and is apparently killed when she crashes her vehicle. However it was a ruse which Mother faked her death to avoid being killed by Caesar, and once the crisis is over she is awarded a medal for saving the President's life.

Between Area 7 and ScarecrowEdit

Sometime after the Area 7 incident, Schofield's father John committed suicide, leaving twelve million dollars to his son. Because he felt that it was a cruel man's tainted money, Schofield followed Mother and Gant's suggestion to donate all of it to a Washington, DC hospital.

Schofield, Gant, Mother and Ralph began planning a holiday to Italy together, and Mother somehow figured out that Schofield planned on proposing to Gant during the trip.


While in the middle of a battle with Al-Qaeda with Gant, Gant is kidnapped by a bounty hunting group, IG-88, looking to get to Schofield. After escaping with the help of the Black Knight, Scarecrow reveals to them he is one of fifteen targets in a bounty hunt, and sends Mother and Book II to London to find a Mossad agent with information. However they are attacked by IG-88, and at one point Mother is left dangling on the edge of the building on a table. She then heads off to rendezvous with Schofield at a castle in France, and learns from Knight about Gant's death.

After saving Schofield from a French aircraft carrier, Mother desperately tries to stop Schofield from committing suicide, surprising him by using his actual name and convincing him to continue with his mission. While covering Schofield as he disarms a CincLock-VII security system, Mother sacrifices herself to distract enemy forces.

But once again Mother survives, and tracks Knight to the French castle, arriving in time to prevent Schofield from being beheaded, and helps to kill the ExSol and rogue Delta forces. Later she and Ralph hold a barbeque, still worried about Schofield.

Hell IslandEdit

Mother was a part of Schofield's team in searching an apparently abandoned research facility.

Between Hell Island and Scarecrow and the Army of ThievesEdit

Aware of how fragile Schofield was psycologically following Gant's death, Mother did her best to help him in moving past it. However, Ralph started becoming frustrated with Mother's constant care for Schofield, leading to problems in their marriage (though Mother felt it had already started becoming strained). As a result, Mother herself began seeing a psychologist in order to deal with her own stress.

Following some failed attempts by the French to have Schofield assassinated, he was assigned to join an equipment testing team in the Arctic, and the ever-loyal Mother went too.

Scarecrow and the Army of ThievesEdit


Between Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves and The Four Legendary KingdomsEdit


The Four Legendary KingdomsEdit



Thirty-four years old, 6'4" in height with a fully shaved head and weighing in at over 200lbs, Mother's callsign is not meant to convey maternal qualities - rather it is short for Motherfucker. Her short temper and eccentric nature lead her to many hand-to-hand fights with fearsome adversaries. In addition to her sarcastic wit, Mother is often more ready to opt for a violent solution more readily than her unit leader. 

Despite this, she is fiercely loyal to Schofield, having his best interests at heart. Because she is sometimes in awe of Schofield's achievements, she never refers to him as anything other than 'Scarecrow', since she regards him as something more than a normal man. Mother is also the helpful best friend to Gant, often offering advice or insight into her relationship with Schofield.

Mother has managed to evade certain death many times herself and is indispensable to Schofield, both as a soldier and a friend. Indeed, like Schofield, she possesses a similar luck which has allowed her to survive several near-death experiences, so often that it is noted that if the Grim Reaper exists, is only afraid of Mother. 


Ralph NewmanEdit

Mother has been married to Ralph for an unknown length of time, likely since before Ice Station as she has his last name, and they have been happy together for many years. However they began having problems after Ralph questioned why she was spending so much time helping Schofield recover from Gant's death. Despite finding her apparent perfect match in "Le Barbarian", or Baba, Mother declined to leave Ralph. By the end of Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves they seem to have resolved their issues.

Shane SchofieldEdit

In Ice Station, it is suggested numerous times that Mother is attracted to Schofield, though mainly when she was high on painkillers, which would likely impair her judgement since Ralph (whom she was married to at the time, but not mentioned in the novel) wasn't brought up when she said she'd like a kiss from a good-looking guy like Schofield. Indeed Schofield only kisses her the once when he is forced to leave Mother behind, though at her own insistence, presumably because he was afraid he'd never see her again.

Nothing more is mentioned of a romantic relationship between the pair again in Area 7, Scarecrow or Hell Island, though it is clear that they have a great care, respect and loyalty towards one another. In Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves, Ralph is mentioned to suspect that Mother's constant being there for Schofield is more than just friendship; however Mother herself clarrifies that her relationship to Schofield is more like a brotherly-sisterly one.

Jean-Claude Francois Michel HuguenotEdit

Mother met Le Barbarian, otherwise known as Baba, during Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves, and having read a horoscope concerning her perfect match, or mirror, Mother realised that Baba seemed to fit. Despite being given the opportunity to accept Baba as a new fling given that they were perfect for each other, Mother decided to stay with her husband Ralph.


  • Mother has proved to be such a popular characters with fans, that Matthew Reilly has recieved death threats warning him to not kill her off.
    • Ironically, Mother has been given the appearance of dying in almost every novel she has appeared in:
      • In Ice Station, she was briefly presumed dead after the nuclear missile hit Wilkes.
      • In Area 7, she staged her roach's crash to make it look like she had lost her (fake) leg and had her head crushed under the chassis to deceive Caesar.
      • In Scarecrow, Schofield saw a shack she had taken cover in get struck by an RPG.
      • In Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves, Mother and Baba were assumed to have not heard Schofield's warning about an incoming nuke.
  • An encounter with a killer whale has left her with a prosthetic left leg from the knee down (it has not only to provided mobility, but saved her life frequently). 
  • Aside from Schofield himself, Mother is the only other character to appear in all of the novels in the Scarecrow series.
  • After Astro and Schofield, Mother is the third character to cross over into the Huntsman series.

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