Fur Seals are a variety of seals with notably dense fur.

Fictional HistoryEdit

Before Ice StationEdit

At some point during early to mid 1999, a female Antarctic fur seal began frequenting around Wilkes Ice Station. Kirsty Hensleigh began taking care of the fur seal, naming her Wendy and training her to help divers. Wendy was constantly terrorised by the pod of killer whales that appeared in the diving pool looking for her.

Ice StationEdit

When Shane Schofield and his Marines were securing Wilkes, Wendy was with Kirsty, Sarah and Latissier in the drilling room before they were brought up to the dining room. When Schofield was talking to Sarah, he petted Wendy and asked questions about her, to Kirsty's delight and Sarah's surprise, and the fur seal enjoyed his attention.

Wendy provided much assistance during incidents in the water, particularly for Kirsty and Schofield when they were menaced by killer whales, and later when the pair were under siege from mutant elephant seals. The little fur seal was able to easily outmaneuver the much larger marine mammals.

Wendy accompanied the survivors as they boarded the Silhouette and escaped to the USS Wasp, where she took a liking to the ship's diving pool during the journey to Pearl Harbour. Walsh decided to allow the fur seal to stay onboard until they could find a new place for her to live.


Fur seals are generally smaller than sea lions and most other species of seals. Males are often more than five times heavier than the females, making them among the most sexually dimorphic of all mammal groups. Like most other species of seal, Fur seals have the ability to turn their rear limbs forward and move on all fours when on land.


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