"Freddy", is a U.S. Marine.


Early HistoryEdit

Through unknown circumstances, the soldier known by the call-sign Freddy joined the United States Marine Corps, where he eventually earned his call-sign.

He was eventually assigned to Elizabeth Gant's unit, Reconnaissance Unit 9.


On October 26th 2003, Freddy was among the Allied Forces attacking an Al-Qaeda cell at the Karpalov coalmineAfter using a pair of LAV-25s to enter the mine quickly, Gant then sent Freddy and Pokey to flush out the terrorists that were using RPGs.

Some time later, they encountered Schofield and Book II in the tunnels, and Freddy joined them in searching for Gant. After they rendezvoused with Mother, the Marines were surrounded by the Skorpions, who wanted Schofield's head as part of a bounty, but luckily the intervention of the Black Knight allowed them to escape to the Driftrunners.

As they fled from the pursuing Skorpions, Freddy returned fire from their Driftrunner's rear tray, but ended up being hit in the face by a wave of enemy gunfire, dying instantly.