Francisco del Piero is a Vatican priest.


Early HistoryEdit

Francisco del Piero once studied alongside Max Epper, however the differences in their beliefs kept them estranged. At some point, del Piero joined the Catholic Church, and came to know Ricardo Mendoza.

Before Seven Ancient WondersEdit

When the Vatican organised a mission to restore the Golden Capstone so that they could obtain worldy power, del Piero was chosen to lead. He started by locating and kidnapping the wife of the Oracle of Siwa, who could translate the Word of Thoth and thus lead them to the locations of the scattered pieces of the Capstone. Taking her to an ancient chamber within a volcano in Uganda, del Piero and his men played out a ceremony as she went into labour, and despite her protests took her child, a boy.

Over the next ten years, del Piero raised the boy, Alexander, to be a cold ruler with the intention of making him the figurehead for their religion once he had fulfilled his destiny. During this time he learned of the Capstone Piece at the St Peter's Bascilla, and raised the security around it.

Seven Ancient WondersEdit





  • In The Four Legendary Kingdoms, Mendoza mistakenly believed Jack was the one who had killed del Piero, this may have been either Mendoza recieving the wrong information, or else it was a mistake by Reilly.
    • In addition, Mendoza also believed that del Piero had been thrown into a plane engine; ironically this was actually the fate of del Piero's real killed, Judah.

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