Francis 'Frank' X. Cutler is a member of the President's secret service detail.


Before Area 7Edit

Cutler joined the secret service and had risen to a position in which he could say no to almost anybody on the President's behalf.

Area 7Edit

Cutler joined the President, Juliet Janson, and several other members of the Secret Service detail to go on tour of the Area 7. While deep in the base, Charles Russell anounced his coup against the President and almost immediatly, the secret service detail protecting the President was attacked.

Cutler, Janson, and a few others managed to get the President down to the sixth floor which lead to an underground escape route. Cutler threw open the doors to the floor and was immediatly assaulted by a wave of fire from Russell's 7th Squadron forces, killing the high ranking secret service agent almost instantly.



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