Felix Bonaventura is a researcher from MiT.


Early HistoryEdit

Felix Bonaventura was a researcher from MiT. He was researching the Machine and the Pillars. During his research he hypothesized that the reward for placing the Second Pillar, 'Heat', referred to the secret of perpetual motion, something the Americans and Chinese desperately needed to replace their current fuel sources.

He was brought in by the CIEF and Wolf to help in locating the Vertices and Pillars. At the already found and American-controlled Fifth Vertex on Diego Garcia, Bonaventura studied the inverted pyramid and discovered various things under General Jackson Dyer.

The Six Sacred StonesEdit

Bonaventura was mentioned by Max "Wizard" Epper to be a researcher he also knew to be looking into the Machine and the rewards placing the six Pillars granted.

The Five Greatest WarriorsEdit

In order to discover more about the remaing locations of the Pillars and Vertices, Bonaventura accompanied Wolf and Rapier to Mongolia to try and find Genghis Khan's Lost Arsenal, where lay a petrified dinosaurs' egg with the entrances to each Vertex painted on it. Locating it, Bonaventura examined the Fabergé egg and took photos before the Japanese Blood Brotherhood arrived, destroyed the egg and their cameras. Luckily they were taken out by Wolf and Rapier, the latter of whom managed to hide a digital camera, before they took their leave.

Later at Diego Garcia, Bonaventura was present as Jack West Jr., Lily West and Ionlanthe Compton-Jones arrived with the apparent approval of Wolf to lay the Fifth Pillar in the Vertex. He was surprised and insulted by Jack's assesment of the Vertex and its trap system, and despite Bonaventura's advice, chose to beat the trap system rather than cheat it. Bonaventura was amazed when Jack did in fact manage to beat the system, however he foolishly went past the point Jack and the Pillar were at, setting off the trap. Bonaventura and Dyer tried to take refuge in the crane they had used to get down in, in the hopes that it would survive the incoming wave. However theirs hopes were dashed, and the crane, with them in the basket, fell into the abyss below the Vertex.


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