Executive Solutions, more commonly known as ExSol, is an organisation of mercenaries from various countries, mostly South African nations.


Before ScarecrowEdit

Several members of ExSol are former Reccondo troops who fled South Africa after the Apartheid Regime fell.

ExSol was hired to serve as Jonathon Killian's private security force when Majestic-12 began enacting its plans to start a new Cold War.


Having forward knowledge of the bounty hunt for the heads of 15 individuals, and with help from former ICG operative Cal Noonan, Cedric Wexley led a force to Krask 8 in Siberia in order to lay ambush three of the targets on the bounty list, who would arrive on a false mission. Though they managed to retrieve the heads of Delta Specialists Gregory Farrell and Dean McCabe, the Marine Shane Schofield managed to elude the same fate.

The Ex-Sol group went to Killian's castle, the Forteresse de Valois, to collect the bounties for Farrell and McCabe, and proceeded to wait there. They were surprised when Killian led a disguised Schofield into the room they were occupying, and quickly began pursuit. Several members took some of Killian's sports cars to chase Schofield down, while others used a pair of semi-trucks. However Schofield's driving, as well as the assistance from the Black Knight, caused multiple casualties for the ExSol mercenaries.

However at the end of the chase, Knight and Elizabeth Gant were captured by some of the last chasing ExSol members, and taken back to Forteresse de Valois. Wexley and some of his men stood with Killian on the Shark Pit's balcony while Drake kept guard over Knight. After Gant was killed, Knight managed to trick Drake into coming too close to him, and killed him with a blow-torch while also using his body as a shield from incoming gunfire before he escaped.

When Schofield foiled M-12's plans, he was captured and brought back to Forteresse de Valois, where Wexley and some of his men continued to protect Killian, while some other men covered the captured Knight and Rufus. Unfortunately for them, the arrival of Mother resulted in the liberation of Schofield and his allies, resulting in a firefight between them and the remaining ExSol mercenaries. Several were killed by the group, though two were caught in Killian's traps. Soon Wexley too met his end thanks to Schofield dropping a steel door on his head.

Known MembersEdit

Goals Edit

ExSol exists primarily as soldiers for hire, so long as their clients have the money to pay for their services. When it suits them they will also engage in bounty hunts, although this unsettles some members due to the nature of full-time bounty hunters.



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