Emma Dawson is a meteorologist from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.


Scarecrow and the Army of ThievesEdit

Emma Dawson was part of a DARPA team in the North Pole with Zack Weinberg, Jeff Hartigan, Chad, and Bertie, along with four Marines, Shane Schofield, Mother, Billy Thompson, and Vittorio Puzo. She and Schofield got along well and was usualy stared at by Zack, Puzo, and Thompson.

When the word came about the Army of Thieves takeover of Dragon Island, Emma volunteered to help the Marines defeat the army before they could release red uranium into the sky in order to destroy the world. Emma traveled with Chad, Zack, and the Marines to the island and helped fight the army, continuously being chased with Zack by Wilhelm Mauser, known as Bad Willy.

After everyone on the team had either been captured, killed, injured, or switched sides, Zack and Emma were the last two left, tasked with the disposing the last of the red uranium. They were caught by Bad Willy and brought to the Thieves's base, where Marius Calderon presented Emma to Mauser as a prize for his work. Mauser took Emma off with him and Zack would later go and save her, killing Bad Willy in the process.

When a nuke fired by the Russians was coming at Dragon Island, Emma and the last of the team still alive, Zack, Schofield, Bertie, and Veronique Champion escaped to an adjacent island where Schofield had spotted a bomb shelter, entering it seconds befoe the nuke hit.

Emma was later rescued and returned to Washington D.C. for an award ceremony with the other survivors for their bravery during the mission. After the ceremony, Zack and Emma showed Bertie off to the President.



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