Earl Bittiker is the leader of the Republican Army of Texas.


Before TempleEdit

Some time before or during the early 1980's, Earl Bittiker joined the U.S. Navy SEALs. In 1983 he was discovered to be clinically psychotic, however his superiors decided that it wouldn't be an issue if he was contiunally aimed at America's enemies. However in 1986, Bittiker sexually assaulted a superior female officer, simply because she had given him an order he disliked. For the rape, he was sentenced to eight years inside the Leavenworth Penitentiary.

Upon being released after serving his sentence in 1994, Bittiker formed the Republican Army of Texas, which was to be a militia group that would only allowed members who were former members of the U.S. armed services. Over the next few years, Bittiker and his group performed several heists on armed convoys, in one incident gaining a tank. Meanwhile, Bittiker had members who were still employed by the armed services find ways to topple the U.S. Government so that it would one day be possible to overthrow them.

Eventually Bittiker allowed former members of the Aum Shinrikyo cult (those responsible for releasing sarin gas in Tokyo) to join the Texans, and became interested in their beliefs about destroying the world. Around this time, Troy Copeland reported to Bittiker that the U.S. Navy was constructing a Supernova, a weapon that would destroy most of the planet, and the Army was also doing so. Seeing this as the Texans opportunity to screw the U.S. government over, Bittiker had Copeland provide as much intel as he could on the superbomb, deciding that he would set of the device for no other reason than to do so.

However, knowing that they would need technical support, Bittiker arranged a merging with their former rival militia group, the Freedom Fighters. When Copeland announced that the Navy's device was ready and only requiring Thyrium to make it operate, Bittiker led a team to steal the weapon from DARPA headquarters, while Copeland joined the U.S. Army team that was searching for a potential Thyrium source in Peru. After retrieving the Supernova, Bittiker gave Bluey James a video disc containing a message to be distrubted to the media once the Texans got the Thyrium, but didn't tell him about the overall plan.





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