« "Why Jack keep dogs? For eat later?" »
— E-147 to Jack West Jr.
E-147 is a Minotaur or Neanderthal in service to King of the Underworld, Anthony DeSaxe / Hades.


Early HistoryEdit


The Four Legendary KingdomsEdit

E-147 is one of the many Minotaur in the third challenge under instruction to slow down, challenge or kill any champions. He is first encountered by Jack West Jr and his friend and pilot Sky Monster whilst the duo attempted to complete the third phase of the Great Games of the Hydra. After Sky Monster and Jack are untethered from each other. After Jack returns from killing 'The Gorkha' to collect his companion he hears a pained whimper and sees the Minotaur struggling to free itself and pleading for his companions to help him when the other Minotaur see the liquid stone making its way down the slope they run abandoning E-147 to his fate. Jack however feels empathy towards the trapped creature and notes without his helmet E-147 looked basically human and rescued him from being pinned by the spiked boulder and the slowly gaining liquid stone. Afterwards he is carried from the course by Jack and allowed to be kept as one of his hostages,

E-147 also joined Jack West Jr and Sky Monster in the Great Race as a passenger and escaped the underground with them before nearly being recaptured.

At the end of the novel after returning to the Minotaur City with the hostages of Jack West Jr and Shane 'The Scarecrow' Schofield he joins King Minotus and the rest of his people as they stormed the castle to rescue Jack West and Anthony DeSaxe.

When King Minotus asks E-147 whether he wants to stay in the Underworld with the other Minotaur or leave with his friend Jack West Jr he decides to leave The Underworld with his human friend.



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