Dwayne Scott is a captain in the U.S Army's Green Berets.



Captain Dwayne Scott accompanied Colonel Frank Nash to recruit Professor William Race at the University of New York in their search for a Thyrium Idol, and waited inside his office as Nash spoke with Race. Once they were onboard the plane that would take them to Peru, Scott set about preparing the team's equipment with the other Green Berets.

When they arrived at the ancient village of Vilcafor, Scott helped to set up the equipment to pinpoint the Idol's position. While following a trail leading to the idol's location, Scott stayed near Nash, whom he had been assigned to protect. However shortly after locating a temple, a group of Germans suddenly appeared, and the team was captured.

Along with his fellow Berets, Nash and Copeland, he was imprisoned in the German's armoured vehicle while the Germans opened the temple. However they ended up unleashing a pack of Rapas, which proceeded to attack the German forces. Eventually some of the remaining Germans, revealed to be from the BKA Agency, freed Scott and the others so that they could rescue survivors.

After learning that the Germans were in fact only trying to obtain the idol to keep it out of the hands of modern-day Nazis, Scott led a small team comprising him, Chucky and Graf back to the temple in the hopes that the large cats would be asleep during the day. However Race noticed on their video feeds that the Rapas were stalking them, however it was too late as Scott and the others were quickly torn apart by the ferocious beasts.


  • Because Scott was present when Nash lied about being a retired Army Colonel, it can be assumed that he and Buzz were both aware that they were undergoing an unauthorised mission.

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