Drake is Cedric Wexley's second-in-command in Executive Solutions.


Before ScarecrowEdit

Under unknown circumstances, Drake joined the mercenary/bounty-hunting group known as Executive Solutions, and eventually became Cedric Wexley's second-in-command.


Drake was present in the Forteresse de Valois' shark pit when Elizabeth Gant and the Black Knight were captured following a high octane chase. Drake took Knight's utility vest for himself. After Gant was beheaded, Drake was ordered by Jonathon Killian to kill Knight.

The mercenary taunted Knight that he'd heard he was better, and Knight claimed he was, drawing Drake's attention to a shark drawn close to where Drake was standing. As he involuntarily stepped back to avoid the shark, Knight grabbed him with his legs, breaking a few of his ribs. As Drake roared in pain, Knight managed to grab a piton and use to free his hands, allowing him to then take his blowtorch back from Drake. Knight then fired the torch's flame right through Drake's chest, killing him and providing Knight with a temporary shield from gunfire as he took his vest back and escaped.


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