Douglas 'Doogie' Kennedy is a corporal in the U.S Army's Green Berets.


Before TempleEdit

Douglas Kennedy, nicknamed Doogie, was born in the small town of Little Rock in Arkansas in 1976.

As he grew up, Doogie's father, a religous zealot, would abuse his son routinely. Though the methods would were primarily him being beaten with a leather strap to locking him in a tiny dark closet, the reasoning for these beatings were vast and for many minor things Doogie did, such as being loud or overcooking his father's meals.

This continued into Doogie's high school years, and because his father would not buy him the books or equipment he needed, his work was rarely completed. It was only because of Doogie's own ability to remember everything that was taught in the classroom that he barely managed to pass high school.

After graduating, Doogie immediately joined the U.S. Army, where it was discovered that he had an IQ of 161, and the recruiting sergeant saw his great potential as a soldier. Doogie quickly made it to Ranger class with expertise in snipering, and was assigned to the Green Berets.

Not once since joining the Army did Doogie ever return to his home town or remain in contact with his father. 


In 1999, Doogie was recruited into Colonel Frank Nash's team to search for the Thyrium Idol located in Peru so it could be intergrated into the prototype Supernova weapon. 

Shortly after arriving in the village of Vilcafor, Buzz teased Doogie about his apparently evident crush on the civilian anthropologist Gabby Lopez. Soon Doogie and Reichart were left in the village to act as a rear guard. However they were quickly surrounded by a group of Germans who managed to evade their thermal sensors long enough so that it was too late for them to do anything, and they were captured.

When the rest of the team was captured, Doogie's fellow Berets, Nash and Copeland in the German's armoured vehicle while the Germans opened the temple. However they ended up unleashing a pack of Rapas, which proceeded to attack the German forces. Eventually some of the remaining Germans, revealed to be from the BKA Agency, freed Doogie and the others so that they could rescue survivors.




  • Doogie's nickname is mentioned to be a direct reference to the character Doogie Howser, due to some perceived similarities between them, such as their honest and shy natures.

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