Dorris Epper is the wife of Max Epper.


Before Seven Ancient WondersEdit

Dorris met and married Max Epper and lived in Canada.

While raising Lily at Victoria Station in Kenya, Dorris and Max acted as grandparent-figures to the young girl. Dorris would constantly be terrorised by Lily and Fuzzy as she napped, as the Jamaican soldier taught Lily how to be stealthy.

Seven Ancient WondersEdit

After the acquisition of the Zeus Piece in Paris, Dorris was contacted by Jack's team, and she in turn informed them of Epper's team managing to view the St Peter's Piece. Dorris then went upstairs to make dinner for the returning groups, only to be confronted by Marshall Judah and some his CIEF troops in the kitchen.

When the Halicarnassus arrived back at the farm, Dorris awaited them in the hanger. Knowing that Judah's men were lying in wait and listening, she greeted Lily and Big Ears, telling Lily that their return is just like Gimli's retun to the mines of Moria, a part in the Lord of the Rings series that Lily enjoyed reading. Lily, aware that this was not a good thing in the story, realised something was wrong and she and Big Ears ran back towards the plane. As Judah and his men storm into the hangar and start firing at the team, Judah reprimands Dorris by saying she shouldn't have warned them, and shoots her point blank.

After the team escaped, Lily revealed that she knew something was wrong from what Dorris had said because in the Lord of the Rings, when Gimli returned to Moria it had been a trap.

Later, when Jack West Jr. confronted Judah on the Pyramid of Giza, Jack told Judah that he could forgive him for a lot of things, but not for killing Dorris. Max, who was nearby, learned of his wife's death this way, and after the battle, Lily comforts him.

After DeathEdit

When Epper was mortally wounded, he noted that in death he would be with Dorris again. (The Five Greatest Warriors)



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