Ding and Dong are Russian soldiers who work for Carnivore.


The Five Greatest WarriorsEdit

Two of Carnivore's soldiers, later christened Ding and Dong by Lily West, acted as guards for Jack West Jr., Lily, and Sky Monster while they were forced to place the fifth Pillar into the Vertex on Diego Garcia. They remained with Sky Monster on the Halicarnassus, and escaped when the American forces turned on them.

Later while Jack, Lily, and Iolanthe Compton-Jones went inside the salt mines searching for the Sixth Pillar that was burried with Jesus Christ, Ding and Dong were rendered harmless by Cieran Kincaid while Stretch and Pooh Bear went into the salt mines.

However, Ding and Dong were then freed by Kincaid, who was actually working for Carnivore as well, and they held the rest of Jack's team hostage while they took Lily with them to the final Vertex on Easter Island.

Jack gave chase to Carnivore and his team in the damaged Halicarnassus and crashed it into the final Vertex and rode down over the trap system to it to stop Carnivore and his his father from claiming the reward of power. Jack climbed into the gun turret of the Halicarnassus and opened fire on Carnivore and his team, killing Ding and Dong in the process.



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