The Dark Sun, also known as the Dark Star or Ra's Dark Twin, is a zero-point energy field that is the complete opposite to our Sun.


Early HistoryEdit

Being that it is the polar opposite to the Earth's sun, it is likely that the Dark Sun came into existence at the same time. 

At some unknown point in Earth's history, a race of super-ancient beings discovered the Dark Sun, and through their research learned that it comes closer to the central sun every few million years, but its deadly energy was blocked from hitting Earth by Jupiter and Saturn. However they predicted that on rare occassions the gaseous planets would not protect Earth, and that any life on the planet at that stage would be wiped out.

They subsequently set about building a Machine to prevent the Dark Sun from doing so, and though they were able to prevent the Dark Star from approaching in their time, the Super-Ancient Beings realised that even after they were gone from the Earth (by extinction, or otherwise departing the planet), there may yet be intelligent life on Earth.

To this end, they made the prevention of the Dark Star the second of five trials which would allow them to determine if a new sentient species did arise and were worthy of existing. The Super-Ancients also constructed a monument which, when used in conjunction with the Firestone as the Dark Sun's radiation was bearing upon the Earth (which would be weakened after being bent by the gravitational forces caused by Jupiter, Saturn and Titans' orbits, creating a brief path for the negative energy to travel) would reveal the locations of the Vertices that comprised the Machine.

After the Super-Ancients were gone, the Dark Star continued to make the odd breach into the solar system, though the inner planets were largely unaffected by virtue of the gas planets' orbits. However, on one occasion, the Dark Sun's energy destroyed a small planet between Mars and Jupiter, causing an asteroid belt to form.

At some point during the rise of human culture, the Super-Ancient Beings returned and provided a collective group with knowledge of the Dark Star, as well as tools that would allow them to find the Vertices of the Machine before the Dark Star returned and the six Pillars that were used to prime the Machine. However, some centuries after the group was created, a servant of one of their sub-kingdoms, Thuthmosis, fled from Cairo with all of the Pillars and most of the Sacred Stones, unwittingly putting the Earth at greater risk of being destroyed by the Dark Sun as the Pillars and Sacred Stone were scattered around the world.

Before The Six Sacred StonesEdit

In the millennia leading up to the present day, few details regarding the Dark Sun remained known by people outside of the Four Legendary Kingdoms, with Laozi being one of the few who knew or suspected the Dark Star existed. Archaeologists would find references to Ra's Dark Twin, but they were puzzled by the notion since Ra was considered by the Egyptians to be the sun. However, Napoléon Bonaparte became aware of a lag in Jupiter and Saturn's orbits and, after consulting with the brilliant mathematician Pierre-Simon Laplace, he came to suspect the existence of the Dark Sun.

During the late 20th century, the archaeologist Max Epper would come to realise that references to Ra's Dark Twin meant that there was a polar opposite to the sun orbiting on the edge of the Earth's solar system. He would consult with astronomers, who could only verify that something was out there since things were being blocked from being viewed from Earth. Epper became convinced of the Dark Star's existence, and in his research would discover references to the existence of the Machine and its components, and set out to find tangible proof.

While this became Epper's primary focus throughout his career, he became side-tracked for several years with the Golden Capstone and upcoming Tartarus sunspot event. After the sunspot was dealt with in March 2006 did he return his full attention to his Dark Sun project. In his endevours over the next year, he recruited two of his former students, Lachlan and Julius Adamson, to try and predict the approach of the Dark Star, and began working with his long-time colleague Yobu "Tank" Tanaka on proving the existence of the Machine and Dark Star.

The Six Sacred StonesEdit


The Five Greatest WarriorsEdit


After The Five Greatest WarriorsEdit

Years later, Cardinal Ricardo Mendoza explained to Jack how the Dark Sun and its repelling was the second of five tasks set by the super-ancient beings to test life on Earth. (The Four Legendary Kingdoms)


The Dark Sun is a zero-point field, and unlike the Earth's sun, it emits a deadly radiation that is capable of reducing planets to rubble or destroying life. It cannot be seen by the naked eye as it exists on an unknown spectrum of light.


  • One side of the Pillar of Knowledge that was translated by Wizard and Lily suggested that the Sirius star has a second companion star, which was depicted as being a Dark Star by the Pillar. This suggests that the Dark Star of Earth's solar system is not the only one in existence.