Damon Larkham, also known as the Demon, is the leader of IG-88.


Before ScarecrowEdit

A former leader of a British Special Forces unit, Larkham was called into question during an investigation into Trevor Barnaby, and was arrested. However during a transfer, Larkham escaped.

Larkham soon became a bounty hunter, and created a group of bounty hunters, the Intercontinental Guard, Unit 88. His work as a bounty hunter led to his nickname, the Demon, and soon he became renowned as the world's number 1 bounty hunter.

At an unknown time, the Demon recieved extreme burns to his head, resulting in scars on his face and melting most of his ears into his head.




  • Demon (having a disfigurement or odd feature like some of Reilly's other villains) has a severely scarred face/head, which has also melted his earlobes off.
  • Demon is one of only two prominent villains in the Scarecrow series (the other being Marius Calderon), to still be alive, although Demon is not a main antagonist like Calderon.

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