Damien G. Polanski is a member of the ISS.


Early HistoryEdit

During the Cold War, Damien Polanski's expertise on the Eastern Bloc led him to discover the Soviet's Cobra files and ensure the defection of Karmonov. However following the end of the war, he was reassigned to the ISS's Berlin office, where he fell into obscurity.

Polanski may have learned something regarding Majestic-12 or their plans for a new Cold War (or else his expertise on the original Cold War may have been considered to be a threat), so when Majestic-12 started a bounty hunt to remove all those who would stop them, Polanksi was put on their liquidation list.


Having developed a taste for young women, the Ice Queen was able to draw Polanksi's attention easily by dressing skimpily at a bar. Soon getting a hotel room, Polanski was easily distracted by her nudity, allowing her to easily cut off his head with a samurai sword hidden behind her back.

The Ice Queen then took Polanski's head to the Forteresse de Valois to claim the bounty on his head.


  • It it not mentioned why Polanski was added to Majestic-12's bounty list, though it can be assumed that because he was never a soldier, he was not part of the MNRR study, so he may have had information regarding the Chameleon or Komoran projects, M-12 or their plan.

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