Cowboy is a bounty hunter for IG-88.


Early HistoryEdit

Through unknown circumstances, the bounty hunter known by the nickname Coybow joined the Intercontinental Guards, Unit 88, where he got his nickname. He eventually became the Demon's right-hand man in IG-88.


When a bounty was set for fifteen targets, whose heads needed to be taken to a castle in France for verification, IG-88 set out to claim as many as possible. Cowboy was a part of Demon's strike force as they infiltrated the Karpalov coalmine, where a number of targets would be gathered.

IG-88's infiltration of the mine interrupted the Allied invasion of the Al-Queda base, and they emerged behind the terrorists, forcing most of them to flee from their attackers into no-man's-land. Cowboy's squad soon confronted Hassan Zawahiri, who defiantly claimed that they could not kill him, but Cowboy shot him in the chest point blank and cut off Zawahiri's head. His squad soon took the heads of Kingsgate and Khalif, and Cowboy reported their successful aquisitions and the loss of Ashcroft's head to the Skorpions, though Demon was content with their haul and ordered IG-88 to depart.

IG-88 relocated to a British airbase in Kunduz, where they met up with a pair of MI6 agents who wanted to interrogate Weitzman before letting IG-88 kill him. Demon sent Cowboy with the heads they'd collected, Weitzman and the MI6 agents to go to the castle to claim the bounties, while Demon took a squad to go to London.

En-route to France, as the MI6 agents began interrogating Weitzman, the plane was infiltrated by Knight and Schofield as IG-88's plane was being refueled. Once a chaff grenade jammed all of IG-88's guns, Knight opened fire with his crossbow, taking down several IG-88 troops. Cowboy soon managed to turn the tables on Knight by smashing his specialised tinted glasses and having him restrained before attempting to run him over in the Humvee.

However, Rocko pointed out that Schofield was back, and in the continuing struggle Cowboy decapitated Weitzman. The recovered Knight then handcuffed Cowboy to a Humvee, commending him him for taking advantage of his Achilles heel and then sarcastically noting that Cowboy's was being unable to fly. Knight then sent the Humvee, with Cowboy and Rocko still cuffed to it, out the loading ramp, sending them falling to their deaths.