The Commander-in-Chief's In Extremis Force, also known as the CIEF, is a United States military organisation which primarily represents the Freemasons.


Before Seven Ancient WondersEdit

At some time prior to 1990, the Freemasons within the Caldwell Group (a front organisation for the Kingdom of Sea) agreed to found a new military force for the United States military to undertake special operations. While ostensibly intended to operate on the direct orders of the President of the United States, the Commander-in-Chief's In Extremis Force in fact answered to the King of Sea (Garrett Caldwell, or else one of his familial predecessors)

Eventually, the American Colonels Jack "Wolf" West Sr and Marshall Judah were among those appointed to lead the CIEF (it is unclear if they were aware that they were serving the Kingdom of Sea, or else simply believed that the Caldwell Group was a Freemasons society). Operatives for the CIEF were often seconded to them from other military units such as Delta Force or the U.S. Marines; while some performed many operations for the CIEF, others were selected for one-off missions due to their possession of skills or knowledge they had.

By 1990, the CIEF began doing annual special forces exercises at Coronado, helping to train soldiers from other nations' special units such as the Australian SAS. Jack West Jr was among the students Judah taught.

In 1991, Judah and the CIEF led the first soldiers on the ground during Desert Storm. During a mission at Basra, in which Jack was tasked with destroying mobile missile launchers, Judah and the CIEF abandoned him and left him for dead due to the large number of enemy forces.

After learning that the Catholic Church was using its agents to undergo a mission led by Father Francisco del Piero to restore the Golden Capstone to prevent the Tartarus sunspot from causing global flooding, the CIEF was ordered by the President (under the influence of the Caldwell Group) to prepare a rival expedition, since there could be a reward for the nation that completed the trial; 1,000 years of absolute power.

Judah was assigned to lead the mission, and believed he would be reporting directly to the President (apparently unaware of who the true masterminds of the mission were). Because Jack had been secretly implanted with a tracking chip during his training with the CIEF, Judah was able to deduce that Jack was a part of a small team approved by a coalition of small nations which intended to find the Capstone Pieces itself, and realised that the CIEF's efforts would be better focused on following his team's progress in order to get the Pieces for themselves.

Seven Ancient WondersEdit


Between Seven Ancient Wonders and The Six Sacred StonesEdit

Sometime after Capstone's restoration, the CIEF was shut down by the President for its failure. However, many of its leading members continued to operate, as the Caldwell Group who had originally founded the organisation utilised their many connections with other the other American military forces to keep it running in secret. Because of this, the CIEF no longer formally represented America, whose government remained under the impression that the organisation was no more.

Because of the CIEF's reach into other American forces and intelligence agencies, Wolf, now the organisation's commander, learned about the mysterious Fifth Vertex located beneath Diego Garcia. The Vertex was once of six corners of a Machine created by super-ancient beings, which when restored with the six Pillars would save the planet from the Dark Star. Because of their desire to obtain the rewards granted to the holder of the Pillars once they were laid (particularly the Second Pillar's reward of Heat), Wolf and the CIEF began making plans to restore the Machine.

After learning that Australia had lost its invulnerability because of a counter-ceremony performed by the Japanese Blood Brotherhood, Wolf decided it was more critical than even to continue the restoration of the Machine. Over the next few months, Wolf negotiated a deal for the CIEF to work with China to share the Second Pillar's reward. Later, Wolf and Colonel Mao Gongli arranged a bargain with the Saudi intelligence operative, Vulture, who sought the reward of the first Pillar, knowledge, and so the CIEF agreed to let the the Saudis have the First Pillar and its reward. 

Upon learning that the American government was preparing its own mission to restore the Machine and ally itself with the Coalition of Minnows, Wolf arranged for an ally in the CIA who was taking point in the mission, Paul Robertson, to keep him informed of their progress. 

Eventually, Vulture was able to learn where Jack and the Firestone were located, and so the CIEF began making preparations for the People's Liberation Army to lead the invasion of Jack's farm in order to obtain the Firestone.

The Six Sacred StonesEdit


The Five Greatest WarriorsEdit


It is unclear as to the status of the CIEF following the end of the mission to restore the Machine, though with Wolf's failure it is most likely that the Caldwell Group ceased attempts to keep the organisation running.

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Goals Edit

The CIEF is an elite military organisation which enlists soldiers from other members from the American Armed Forces (such as the Marines, Delta Force, etc), so that success in its operations it highly likely. Though they officially operate for the U.S. military, the Caldwell Group has primary control of it. Prior to the Capstone mission, the CIEF largely worked on top secret and specialised operations.

When first introduced, the CIEF aimed to locate all seven of the Pieces of the Golden Capstone, so that the Capstone could be rebuilt and used in a ceremony that would grant American 1,000 years of unrivaled power. During this mission they were relentless, doing anything necessary to obtain the Pieces such as killing civilians like Dorris Epper or even going so far as to destroying historical sites like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

When it came to the mission to restore the Machine (by which time the CIEF was supposed to have been disbanded) they made their own plans to locate the Pillars and Vertices and retrieve the rewards against the desires of the American government, who had wanted to ally with the Coalition of Minnows for the sake of the greater good. Under Wolf's leadership, the CIEF remained a brutal force that used its enemies and allies alike to achieve their overall goal.

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  • Colt Commando assault rifles
  • Rocket-Propoelled Grenade launchers
  • Glock pistols
  • M-4 assault rifles


  • The proper pronunciation for the CIEF is noted within Seven Ancient Wonders, which notes it is intended to be pronounced "seef".
  • During The Six Sacred Stones, Wolf mentions that the Caldwell Group was privately funding the organisation. Taking into considering that the later novel, The Four Legendary Kingdoms, named the King of Sea as Garrett Caldwell, it is most likely that Caldwell is the head of the Caldwell Group, and was using the CIEF to undertake the Capstone and Machine Restoration missions on his Kingdom's behalf.