Colin O'Hara is an Irish General, and one of Ireland's representatives to the Coalition of Minnows team.


Before Seven Ancient WondersEdit

General Colin O'Hara was the main representative for Ireland when seven nations came together to arrange a coalition to restore the Golden Capstone and protect the newborn daughter of the Oracle of Siwa, Lily, who could translate the Callimachus text which revealed the locations of the Pieces of the Capstone.

After the Irish delegation agreed to participate in the mission, O'Hara decided to dispatch Zoe and Liam Kissane from the Sciathan Fhianoglach an Arim to represent Ireland.

Seven Ancient WondersEdit

After the success of the mission, O'Hara was at the following meeting of nations to be debriefed by Wizard on the outcome, as well as meet the ten-year-old Lily for the first time.

After Seven Ancient WondersEdit

O'Hara would on occassion debrief Zoe on the post-mission details. He also became a grandfather figure to Lily, who would sometimes come along with Zoe to Ireland, and often spoiled the girl with chocolate and gifts.

During mid-May to early June of 2007, however, O'Hara died of a heart attack, and Cieran Kincaid took his place as the representative to the Coalition of Minnows. (The Five Greatest Warriors)


  • O'Hara is one of the few characters in any of Reilly's novels who dies of natural causes.