Colin Ashmont is an Royal Marines trooper.


The Six Sacred StonesEdit

When the Coalition of Minnows team discovered the location of the First Vertex beneath Abu Simbel, Iolanthe Compton-Jones ordered Ashmont and his team to head there and wait until the First Pillar had been laid before they betrayed them.

Listening in on Jack West Jr.'s radio while waiting under the lake's surface, Ashmont had their signal jammed once the Pillar was laid, and they then took the rest of Jack's team hostage. Ordering Jack to hand over the Pillar, as well as Wizard, Ashmont threatened to kill his team, starting with Alby.

As Jack reluctantly complied, he threatened that he would kill Ashmont for threatening Alby, to which Ashmont replied that he had a right mind to kill him and Alby on princicple. Once they had Wizard, Lily and the Pillar, Iolanthe and Ashmont left Jack and Zoe in the underwater cavern and set the zodiac with Alby, Astro and Pooh Bear to sink and be eaten by crocodiles.

Once they arrived at the dock, Ashmont ignored the Japanese men asking for directions to the statues. However he was caught off-guard as the Japanese suddenly blew themselves up, and Ashmont was hit hardest by the blast, likely dying instantly or from the force of his body hiting the car.



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