The Coalition of Minnows is the united grouping of several countries that work to save the world by means of ancient artefacts.


Before Seven Ancient WondersEdit

Prior to the 1990's, while Max Epper was primarily researching an ancient Machine linked to the Dark Star, he also looked into history around the Golden Capstone of the Great Pyramid. In this line of research, Epper discovered instances of global flooding caused by the Tartarus Sunspot on several occassions in the past. Epper also learned that the only occassion when flooding didn't occur was a short time after the Great Pyramid was completed. Theorising that the Golden Capstone, which had since been disassembled and hidden, had somehow absorbed the intense heat of the sunspot during its previous rotation, Epper then considered the implications of the sunspot causing another flooding in its next rotation.

Between 1994 and 1996, Epper and his protégé, Jack West Jr, located several hidden scrolls that were saved from the Alexandria Library fire, and discovered, among other things, the Callimachus Text, which would lead them to the locations of the Ancient Wonders and the Capstone Pieces with them. However, because the texts were written in the Word of Thoth, they needed to find the latest of the Oracles of Siwa.

Though wary to believe in the idea that a single nation could obtain 1,000 years of unrivaled power, Epper became more concerned when he learned that both the Catholic Church and the Americans were preparing their own expeditions to obtain the Capstone to take the power for themselves. Concerned, Epper made contact with several friends in foreign governments, including Lieutenant General Peter Cosgrove of the Australian Army, to request their presence at a later meeting of nations to discuss his findings and prepare a rival mission.

Seven months after Epper and Jack recovered the newborn daughter of the Siwa Oracle, a meeting of nations was finally brought together. 

Seven Ancient WondersEdit


After the mission was over, the representatives of the countries in the Coalition met again to discuss the events on the Great Pyramid, this time joined by Israel. Wizard brough Lily with him, and proceeded to inform them of what had happened, but chose to lie about the fact that Australia now had 1,000 years of power, claiming that the ritual of peace had been performed instead.

Between Seven Ancient Wonders and The Six Sacred StonesEdit

Some time after the mission was completed, Israel discovered Stretch's actions to abandon his country and save Lily, and so they seceded from the Coaliton. Some of the other nations of the Coalition provided Stretch asylum since his own country deemed him a Catergory 5 Enemy of the State.

The Six Sacred StonesEdit


The Five Greatest WarriorsEdit


Members of the CoalitionEdit

Current Team MembersEdit

Former MembersEdit

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Goals Edit

The Coalition of small nations was formed in response to the impending threat posed by the Tartarus Sunspot, and the necessary restoring of the Golden Capstone to prevent any single country from taking the thousand-year power offered as a reward. The team would attempt to collect all of the Pieces of the Capstone so that they could perform the ceremony of salvation, or else attempt to collect a single Piece so that hostile nations would not be able to perform the ceremony of power (though the latter was a more undesirable option since it would result in global flooding).

When the Coalition was reformed, it was because of the even greater threat of the Dark Sun. One this occassion the team needed to locate the Pillars and Vertices which would activate the Machine created by superancient beings in order to repel the Dark Sun.




  • MP-7s sub-machine guns
  • M-16s
  • Steyr-AUGs assault rifles
  • M-225 handheld grenade launchers
  • Barrett M82A1A sniper rifle
  • H&K MP-5 sub-machine pistols
  • Desert Eagle pistols




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