The CincLock-VII security system is a security unit used by the U.S. military for some of their black-projects.


Before ScarecrowEdit

The CincLock-VII was developed by U.S. Intelligence as an extreme security measure for their top-secret projects, the idea being that only those with extremely fast reflexes could disarm the system.

The U.S. and the U.K. held Motor Neuron Rapidity of Response tests to discover who had extraodrinary reflexes, which would identify people who could disarm the CincLock-VII system. The system was put to use on the Chameleon missiles, and the disarm code for it was made to be the American Universal Disarm Code.

When Majestic-12 planned to initiate a Cold War by launching the Chameleon missiles at various places around the world, they discovered the extreme protection provided by the CincLock system, and decided they needed to liquidate all of the people were capable of disarming it.







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