Cieran Kincaid is a highly religious Irish Captain.


Early HistoryEdit

Cieran Kincaid joined the Irish Military forces at some unknown point. He has on a few occasions date-raped a few women, but made them believe that they wanted something to happen, and would confess his sins at Church despite not feeling any remorse for his actions.

Cieran also joined Vladimir "Carnivore" Romanov's forces, believing that since he and the other European royals were part of the Deus-Rex bloodline, they were as close to God as he could get.

Before The Five Greatest WarriorsEdit

Following the Capstone mission, Zoe Kissane was dining with Cieran, and Cieran plied her with alcohol and sleeping agents, which allowed him to force her to have sex with him.

When General Colin O'Hara died, Cieran took his place in taking down the post-mission details from Zoe, forcing her to brief Cieran and ruining her attempts to avoid him. He met Lily West during their first debriefing, and questioned her having not ever gone to Church. He suggested that he and Zoe go out to dinner to continue their debriefing, however she declined.

The Five Greatest WarriorsEdit



Cieran is among the most zealous of Christians, however his unquestionable belief in his religion is not as solid as many would think due to his unsavory habbits towards women.


Zoe KissaneEdit




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