The Chameleon Project was a United States black-project.


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The Chameleon Project was designed to recreate the exact same characteristics of missiles from other countries (e.g. flight signatures, contrail wakes and blast signatures). If put to use, these missiles would be launched at a target, any resulting investigation would incorrectly assume that another country - the one who created the original missile - fired it, and allow the United States to declare war by saying the framed country fired first.

The Chameleon Project was to be used in tandem with the Kormoran Project, using disguised warships to launch the cloned missiles from locations not in U.S. territory.

Chameleon MissilesEdit

  • Agni-I
    • Original Country - India
    • Kormoran Launch Vessel - MV Whale
  • Ghauri-II
    • Original Country - Pakistan
    • Kormoran Launch Vessel - MV Whale
  • Jericho 2B
    • Original Country - Israel
    • Kormoran Launch Vessel - N/A
  • M-5
    • Original Country - France
    • Kormoran Launch Vessel - N/A
  • Shahab-5
    • Original Country - Iran
    • Kormoran Launch Vessel - MV Ambrose
  • Sky Horse-3
    • Original Country - Taiwan
    • Kormoran Launch Vessel - MV Hopewell
  • SS-18
    • Original Country - Russia
    • Kormoran Launch Vessel - N/A
  • Taep'o Dong-2
    • Original Country - North Korea
    • Kormoran Launch Vessels - MV Jewel and MV Talbot
  • Trident-II D-5
    • Original Country - United Kingdom
    • Kormoran Launch Vessel - N/A


  • The project's name - Chameleon - comes from the animal's ability to disguise itself.

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