Cerberus is the personal bodyguard of Anthony DeSaxe / Hades.

History Edit

Early History Edit


The Four Legendary Kingdoms Edit

As the final challenge to the Champion of the Great Games, Jack West Jr was faced with Cerberus immediately after his battle with Zaitan, Chaos and the Hydra.

Jack, knowing that in his tired state he would barely be able to hold his own against Cerberus, tried to recall how Hercules had defeated the creature in the myths. When he realised how, and though doubtful it could be that simple, Jack called to Hades for permission to bring Cerberus to him. Hades, delighted that Jack was worthy of being the Champion, agreed. Cerberus dropped his weapons and followed Jack up to Hades' throne, where the Champion of the Great Games removed the final Golden Sphere from his chest-plate and presented it to Hades.

It is unclear what happened to Cerberus following the final attack on the Underworld.

Trivia Edit

  • To give the appearance of his mythological namesake, Cerberus wears full armour and a helmet in the shape of a dog.
  • He is noted to be the largest of Hades' warrior-servants.

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