The Catholic Church is an organisation dedicated to following the ideals of God, but are also devout servants of the Four Legendary Kingdom.

Fictional HistoryEdit

Early HistoryEdit

At some point in the past, the Catholic Church was formed; having split off from the original Sun Cult, the Church began preaching their own ideals.

Through unclear circumstances, and for unknown reasons, the highest-ranking members of the Church began serving the Four Legendary Kingdoms (primarily the Kingdom of Land) as devoted followers. As a result, the Church became privy to many of the secrets the Four Kingdoms had learned from the Super-Ancient Beings. Meanwhile, the vast majority of the organisation remained unaware of the Four Kingdoms' existence or of the falsehood of their religion.

Jack West Jr and the Hero's HelmetEdit


Before Seven Ancient WondersEdit


Seven Ancient WondersEdit


Between Seven Ancient Wonders and The Four Legendary KingdomsEdit

In 2007, while Jack was at an intelligence briefing at Pine Gap, Ricardo Mendoza was noted to have been made del Piero's replacement. The briefing stated that Mendoza was visiting the leaders of many countries on the behalf of Benedict, indicating the Church was mobilising once more.

As the team were researching the Five Greatest Warriors, Lachlan Adamson pointed out that as the final date to lay the Sixth Pillar fell on the Dual Equinox during Easter. Giving the apocalyptic ramifications if they failed, Lachlan noted that despite the Church's silence since Giza, they were likely to be watching their mission very closely.

The Four Legendary KingdomsEdit


Known MembersEdit

Several others whose names are unknown, including:

Goals Edit


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