Carmine Yeager is a research scientist who sometimes works out of Wilkes Ice Station.


Before Ice StationEdit

Prior to or during late 1998 to early 1999, Carmine Yeager went to the Wilkes Research Station to do research. Yeager enjoyed watching the pod of killer whales that frequently appeared in the waters around Wilkes, and set up several cameras around E-deck, as well as under the C-deck bridge, to record them whenever they came by.

When the station's switched its research staff for the next six months, Yeager left, and James Renshaw inherited his room.

Ice StationEdit

After Renshaw rescued Shane Schofield's life, he offered to show the Marine who had shot him by from footage recorded from Yeager's cameras. As he explained about the cameras, Renshaw struggled to remember Yeager's last name.

Later, Renshaw and Schofield found one of Yeager's other monitors inside the diving bell, through which they witnessed the horrific death of Book.



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