Carl Webster is a member of the President's entourage who holds onto the football.


Before Area 7Edit

Through unknown circumstances, Carl Webster joined the United States Army, and went on to fight in many conflicts.

During Webster's career, many of his friends died in combat, and Webster came to believe that the U.S. government was to blame for their deaths since they never put themselves in the line of fire for their country.

Eventually, Webster was assigned to carry the Nuclear Football for the President, and proceeded to follow the President wherever he went, should the need for the Football arise.

When Charles "Caesar" Russell planned a coup of the Presidential system, he recruited Webster to his cause so that he could gain control of the Football. Seeing a chance to take justice for the comrades he had lost, Webster agreed.

Area 7Edit

Webster traveled with the President to Area 7 on a routine inspection of the facility, and shortly after Marine One landed, Webster disappeared, which made Captain Shane Schofield suspicious. Webster secretly joined Caesar in his control center, and gave him the Football so that it could be reset to detonate plasma warheads in several airports and deter the President from trying to flee the base.

When Caesar showed the President his possession of the Football, blood was smeared on the handcuff of it, which led everyone to assume that Webster was dead and that the Football had been taken by force.

Meanwhile, Webster merely watched from the shadows of the control center as Caesar's men fought against the Marines protecting the President.

Later, when the prisoners of Area 7 broke out and stormed the control room, Webster was among Caesar's men who were captured, while Caesar himself and a few men managed to escape. The captives were then taken into the main hangar to be held. 

When Schofield, Elizabeth Gant, Mother, Juliet Janson, and the President were also captured, they saw Webster and realised the ruse he had played in giving Caesar the Football. They were all subsequently forced by the prisoner's leader, Seth Grimshaw, to fight for survival.

During the fight, Webster took on Mother, and attempted to justify his actions. Webster seemed to have the upper hand, until the shrapnel he attacked her with bounced off of her titanium prosthetic leg. In his moment of shock, Mother seized the opportunity to slice Webster's throat, leaving him to fall into a pool of his own blood and die.



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