Buck Riley Jr, also known as Book II, is the son of Buck Riley Sr, and occassionally works under Shane Schofield in the U.S. Marines.


Before Area 7Edit


Area 7Edit

Book II is part of the Marines stationed onboard Marine One, escorting the President to the Air Force base. It is clear he suspects his father died because of Schofield and acts coldly towards him. After the 7th Squadron attacks, Book II, Elvis, Love Machine and Calvin escape into a flooding elevator shaft and meet up the President's protective detail, and later Schofield's team.

After escaping the base with Schofield, they attempt to rescue Kevin, but their chopper crashes into the lake. While making their way back to Area 7, Schofield asks why Book II doesn't like him, who in turn demands to know how his father died. After Schofield tells him, Book II begins to respect him.

After avoiding being captured by the base's prisoners, he later saves Agent Janson by killing one of the surviving prisoners, Goliath, who is in possession of the Football using his Maghook, but is shot in the arm in the process. Once the crisis is over, Book II is awarded a medal for saving the President's life.


Sixteen months later, Book II is part of Schofield's team as part of a mission to an abandoned Soviet missile silo, which turns out to be a trap in order to kill Schofield. Book II is the only other survivor of the incident, and after reuniting with Mother they are rescued by the Black Knight, and Schofield sends Book II and Mother to London to find a Mossad agent with information.

However they are attacked by a bounty hunting team called IG-88, and while their target is killed, they manage to collect a tape with information. After the President tells Book II he has access to all of the U.S.'s resources to keep Schofield alive, Book II watches the tape and learn that M-12, the twelve richest men in the world and the ones behind the bounty, plan to start a new Cold War.

Book II heads to New York to create an uplink for Schofield so that he can disarm the CincLock-VII security system M-12 is using to launch the Chameleon missiles, and his team defeats the enemy forces there. He later appears at Mother's barbeque, explaining his version of events to her and David Fairfax.

After ScarecrowEdit

Book II was reassigned in the Corps to another unit while Schofield and Mother did other duties.

Personality Edit




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