Brian Hensleigh was one of the research scientists at Wilkes Ice Station.


Before Ice StationEdit

Brian Hensleigh and his wife, Mary-Anne Hensleigh, had a daughter, Kirsty, in 1987. Soon afterwards Hensleigh helped establish the Wilkes Ice Station in Antartica in the early 1990's, where he would establish an ice core research program. During this time became good friends with fellow geophysicist James Renshaw, whom he named Kirsty's god-father.

Hensleigh taught many mathematical skills to Kirsty, seeing her natural talent with numbers, including Fibonacci numbers, Polynomials and Calculas.

Following Mary-Anne's death by cancer, Hensleigh would later remarry to Sarah Parkes, despite disapproval from both Kirsty and Renshaw. However he was later killed in a car crash, leaving his daughter in Sarah's custody.

Ice StationEdit

Kirsty and Renshaw would both reflect fondly about Hensleigh to Shane Schofield. Sarah would later reveal that the Intelligence Convergance Group had tasked her with getting close to Hensleigh in order to find out what was happening with ice core research.