Black Dragon is a Major in the Chinese Army.


Early HistoryEdit

Through unknown circumstances, the soldier known by the call-sign Black Dragon joined the People's Liberation Army, where he eventually earned his call-sign.

The Six Sacred StonesEdit

After Mao Gongli captured Max Epper in China, Black Dragon led an attack, disguised as a war game exercise gone-wrong, on Jack West Jr's farmhouse to capture Jack and take the Firestone. Black Dragon directed his forces as they prusued Jack's escape vehicles, however the Australian was able to evade Black Dragon's men thanks to several traps he had set around the farmland.

Following Jack's escape, Black Dragon was met by Wolf, Rapier, and Switchblade at the farmhouse. Wolf told Black Dragon to contact Mao about the failure of the mission and to to proceed with Epper's interogation. Once Black Dragon did so, Wolf ordered him to shoot himself in the head for failing the objective. When Black Dragon protested, Wolf had Rapier shoot the Chinese Major, who did so without hesitation.



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