The Black Bee is a tiny Light Attack Glider invented by Max Epper.


The Five Greatest WarriorsEdit

Jack West Jr used the Black Bee to allow him, Zoe Kissane and Lily West to get to the entrance to the Third Vertex and avoid being detected by the Japanese forces trying to keep anyone from getting in.

It was left on the dried seabed outside the entrance, and was torn to pieces by the incoming tsunami.


The Black Bee is based on the dual-tailfined ARES, albeit with no engine, which allows its stealth profile to be less than that of a seagull, and for there to be less to weigh it down.

What little features the Black Bee does possess is two Sidewinder missiles under each wing, a carbon-fibre cockpit for two passengers and a stealth bodykit. It's size also allows it to be stored in a ziploc bag.