Bill Lynch is a well known herpetologist.


Before The Great Zoo of ChinaEdit

During his time working at the San Francisco Zoo, Bill Lynch came to mentor CJ Cameron, whom would become a close friend and colleague.

Some time later, Lynch's prominence in the field of hepetology drew the attention of the Chinese, who brought him in to their secret zoo filled with dragons that had discovered.

However it was during his time there that Lynch witnessed several people die at the hands of the dragons, and the Chinese wanted him dead so that he couldn't spread word about the disaster and ruin the zoo's reputation before it even opened. Fleeing from the zoo's security forces led by Colonel Bao, Lynch took cover in a cave, only to be quickly found by Bao's men. When Bao mockingly told him that a replacement reptile expert to examine the zoo would likely be his former student CJ, Lynch warned him not to mess with her because she was tougher than she appeared. At that moment, however, the Red-Bellied Black prince that lived in the cave returned, and with his sonic shield disabled, Lynch was quickly and brutally killed.

The Chinese covered up his death by announcing that Lynch had died in a plane crash.

The Great Zoo of ChinaEdit

A few weeks later, when CJ's own tour group came to witness dragons going wild and attack people, they were ordered to be executed too. When Captain Wong mentioned they would simply cover up their deaths, CJ realised the truth about Lynch's demise.

Later when Bao was attempting to pull CJ over the side of the Main Entrance Building with him, CJ used the saltwater crocodile tooth Lynch have gifted her as a necklace to stab at his hands and force him to let go, claiming it was Lynch's last gift to Bao.


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