Bernard 'Bernie' Olson is Renshaw's supervisor at Wilkes.

History Edit

Before Ice Station Edit

As James Renshaw's supervisor at Wilkes Ice Station, Olson was required to observe his work involving ice core drilling, however Renshaw knew that Olson was secretly paying more attention to his work than he should have.

Eventually, Renshaw hit an upsurged layer of ice from three hundred million years ago, and was given the chance to study the ancient atmosphere. Olson began hurriedly began working on an article in which he would claim to have made the discovery, using his connections to ensure that he could get the article out long before Renshaw could. The two argued fiercely, with Renshaw storming out.

However Sarah Hensleigh, being an operative for the Intelligence Convergence Group, refused to allow Olson to publish a paper before the ICG knew about it. Failing to convince him to stop, Sarah decided to kill him, using sea snake venom to ensure that he couldn't be revived. Renshaw was subsequently accused of murdering him, and Olson's body was placed in a storage freezer.

Ice StationEdit

After Renshaw saved Schofield's life, he asked him to help prove his innocence, asking the Marine to examine Olson's body when he got the chance. Schofield did so in the minutes before they had to evacuate the station. He and Renshaw later discussed the symptoms Olson had displayed, and Schofield came to realise that Renshaw might have been innocent after all. The clincher came later when Sarah revealed herself as ICG and admitted to killing Olson.

Olson's body was soon destroyed when a nuclear missile struck Wilkes.