Benjamin Yitzak Rosenthal is a Mossad agent.


Early HistoryEdit

During his time in the Mossad, Major Benjamin Rosenthal was ordered to monitor the terrorist Hassan Zawahiri in addition to his other assignments.

At some point prior to October 2003, Rosenthal was monitoring the group known as Majestic-12, who were made up of twelve of the richest men in the world. He eventually discovered that M-12 planned to initiate a new 50-year long Cold War, by launching American Chameleon clone-missiles from disguised frigates at various places around the world.

When M-12 started a bounty hunt to remove all those who would stop them, Rosenthal was put on their liquidation list, since they had learned he knew of their plans and could expose them.

A day before the intended attack, Rosenthal was recalled to the Mossad's office headquarters at King's Tower in London, in order to be debriefed on the situation he had uncovered.


Rosenthal was still being debriefed at the Mossad's office on M-12's plan when Mother and Book II, friends of Shane Schofield, another one of those targeted on the bounty list, came looking to see what he knew. 

However, the office came under attack from IG-88 members looking to claim the bounty on Rosenthal's head. Book II found Rosenthal and protected him from their enemies until they got to the roof, where he was shot in the head, but not before he told the Marine where to find his notes on M-12's plans.