Benjamin 'Ben' Cohen, also known as Archer or Stretch, is a former member of the Mossad, but has now been designated a Category 5 Enemy of the State of Israel. He is a member of the Coalition of Minnows team.


Early HistoryEdit

Cohen was once a part of the Israeli sniper force, Sayaret Matkal. During 1991, he was part of the forces participating in Desert Storm, and he met Jack West Jr during this time. One of his missions was to assassinate Mustapha Zaeed, but Cohen only managed to nick his earlobe, "a rare miss" on his part, as Zaeed later put it.

Sometime between the mid-1990's and 2003, he transferred to the Mossad. It is most likely that Cohen was secretly chipped by the Mossad while he worked for them, if this hadn't already been done to him while he was in the Seyaret Matkal.

Before Seven Ancient WondersEdit

In 2003 he was tasked to join Jack and a coalition of small nations in putting together the ancient Capstone, primarily because the Mossad knew that Jack would be more likely to accept Cohen rather than kill him on sight.

Once he approached the farmhouse at Victoria Station, Cohen greeted Max Epper, revealing he knew who he was and introduced himself. As Jack confronted him, Cohen told him about his orders to join their team, or else the Mossad would inform their rivals of the mission and the Oracle's daughter, Lily. Though Jack reluctantly agreed to have him join them team, he demanded that Cohen not report back to the Mossad; Cohen was reluctant to accept this at first, but quickly relented.

Though this was at first hard to accept by other team members, particularly Zahir al Anzar al Abbas, Cohen gave no indication that he cared. He eventually began helping out on the farm, and after several months the other members of the team came to accept him (though Zahir remained suspicious of him). After observing Cohen practising his sniping skills on several occasions, Lily came to nickname him Stretch because of his height. 

Seven Ancient WondersEdit


Between Seven Ancient Wonders and The Six Sacred StonesEdit

For his refusing to follow the order to abandon Lily, Stretch was deemed a Category 5 Enemy of the State of Israel. While it is unclear how this information got out, it is likely that it came up during the meeting of nations that Israel attended following the Capstone mission (Avenger would not have likely been able to inform outside operatives before his death). A 16 million dollar bounty was set up by the Old Master, Mordechai Muniz, for Stretch's capture. As such, Stretch was unable to return to his home country, and for the next eighteen months he would frequently stay with Jack or Zahir.

Stretch later attended the New Year's Eve party held atop the Burj al Arab along with the other members of the team.

The Six Sacred StonesEdit

After an attack on Jack's farm by the Chinese military, Stretch and the surviving team members meet up with Jack at the Burj al Arab tower in Dubai. It is assumed that, prior to the meeting, Stretch had been staying with Pooh Bear. The Israeli becomes part of the search for the Six Sacred Stones and travels with Jack's newly recomissioned team.


After the first pillar was laid, Iolanthe is revealed to have betrayed the team, and after a long and arduous pursuit, Stretch, Jack, Pooh Bear, and Astro were captured by American troops in Egypt.

While the others were held in the Ethiopian mine, Stretch was kept tied up and blindfolded in a truck. It was revealed to Pooh Bear by his traitorous brother that Wolf intended to send Stretch back to Israel so that the Old Master could deal with him appropriately. After he was later set free, Pooh Bear resolved to find and save his friend from the Mossad.

The Five Greatest WarriorsEdit

After Wolf mocked Stretch regarding his choices to stand by his friends rather than his nation, he was personally taken by Wolf to Muniz's headquarters at the Dimona Nuclear Research Centre. He awoke at the journey's end to find himself being imprisoned in a tank filled with formaldehyde. Muniz told him that his punishment would be worse than death, and would be forced to suffer inside the tank and never be allowed out.

However, Pooh Bear figured out where Stretch was being held and broke into the facility to try and free him, only for Muniz to paralyse him and told Stretch that he would get a rare event in watching Pooh Bear die. But then Jack and Zoe attacked the facility, freed Stretch and escaped with him and Pooh Bear to an old salt mine, where Jack had them traverse it to safety while he tricked the Israeli forces into believing they were trying to escape another way. When it was over, the sickly Stretch was looked after by his team mates, and thanked Jack and the others for rescuing him.


The Four Legendary KingdomsEdit



Cohen is an expert sniper, prefering to use his huge Barrett, and is desribed as tall and thin, hence Lily's nickname for him. He initially lacked of faith in other members of the team, but while he would now trust them with his life, his dreary personality has never changed.


  • The name Benjamin is traditionally given to the youngest son of a family.

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