Bellos is a Malonian and a contestant in the seventh Presidian.


Before ContestEdit





As a Malonian, he is from a species of trophy collectors. Bellos himself is widely regarded as the most lethal hunter in the galaxy. Like the rest of his species, Bellos is amorphic, able to alter his physical shape, allowing him to appear as a tall, muscular man, so as to facilitate usage of door handles and weapons made for the human form. In adition he has formed a large pair of horns to increase his look of ferocity. He appears dressed in black, with the exception of a golden breastplate taken from a Roman centurion in the fifth Presidian by one of his ancestors.


  • Bellos's great-grandfather was the victor of the fifth Presidian.
    • Because the Presidian takes place roughly every 1,000 Earth years, this implies that either Bellos' species are long-living, or it is a shorthand for great-great-great (and so on) grandfather.

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