Bao is a Colonel in the Chinese Army, and the Head of Security at the Great Dragon Zoo of China.


Before The Great Zoo of ChinaEdit

After many years in the People's Liberation Army, Colonel Bao was retasked by the government to become the Head of Security at the Great Dragon Zoo of China; where dragons that the Chinese had discovered would be shown off to the public upon the zoo's opening.

After an incident occured that resulted in eighteen people dying at the hands of the dragons, Bao was ordered to liquidate Bill Lynch, a visitor to the zoo so that the Chinese could continue keeping the dragons a secret and maintain the zoo's image before it could be ruined. Tracking Lynch to a cave, Bao suggested that Lynch give up, and mocked him that a replacement reptile expert to examine the zoo would likely be his former student CJ Cameron. Noticing a Red-Bellied Black heading toward the cave, Bao had his men pull back and switched off Lynch's sonic shield, allowing the dragon to kill the herpetologist.

The Great Zoo of ChinaEdit



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