The B-7A Silhouette is a prototype stealth fighter which was built by Entertech Ltd.


Before Ice StationEdit

In the bid to build a stealth fighter during the 1970's, Entertech Ltd lost. However, they decided to go ahead and build it anyway, with the support of the Joint Chiefs of Staff member Otto Niemeyer. At an ice station in Antarctica, many engineers worked on creating a fighter, among them Simon Wayne Daniels. However an earthquake struck in December 1979, and the ice station was burried in a fissure of ice.

Ice StationEdit




The Silhouette is capable of generating an electromagnetic field that distorts the air around the aircraft, refracting light and making the plane invisible to both the naked eye and to radar. In Ice station, Schofield uses this to take down some planes. This cloaking device is powered by a plutonium core.


The SIlhouette, like all fighter planes, is armed with tracer bullets. In addition, the Silhouette also has a standard missile bay, capable of holding up to six missiles.



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