« "You know, one day your Maghook isn't going to work." »
— Book II on Schofield's luck with Maghooks

The Armalite MH-12 Maghook is a grappling hook apparatus with magnetic adhesion properties, often employed by members the U.S. Marine Corps reconnaissance units. Shane Schofield has used them many times, often saving his life.


Early HistoryEdit

Developed by the United States Marine Corps prior to the mid 1990's, the Armalite MH-12 Maghook was designed for reconnaissance units in order to provide them with a multi-purpose grappling unit for traversing the various terrains.

By 1999, they were made standard issue to all members of recon units, though some were made available to other units such as the President's Helicopter Squadron, albeit in limited numbers.

After seeing the Maghook in action during exercises with special forces units from other countries, many attempts were made by other nations to develop their own version of the Maghook. The Indian Marine Commandos would complete a crude copy of the Maghook which they called the ARDE-7 grapple gun, while the French special forces ended up designing and building a superior version, the Le Magneteux.

Scarecrow SeriesEdit

Ice StationEdit

Shane "Scarecrow" Schofield and the members of his reconnaissance unit carried Maghooks with them as they ventured to the Wilkes Ice Station.

Area 7Edit

Some Maghooks were kept inside Marine One during the President's visit to Area 7. After the base's forces turned against them, Schofield and his team eventually managed to get a hold of a few of the Maghook's.



Scarecrow and the Army of ThievesEdit

Schofield had a Maghook on him when his research unit was forced to confront a hostile force at Dragon Island, but upon seeing the French varient, the Magneteux, he opted to use them in his plan to steal the Red uranium spheres due to their superior weight-bearing capacity.

Huntsman SeriesEdit

The Six Sacred StonesEdit

Astro offered Jack West Jr his MH-12A variant when the team was trying to get back onto the Halicarnassus.

Later, Jack used it to reach the Vertex to keep Switchblade from dropping the pillar.

The Five Greatest WarriorsEdit

While falling into the chasm, Jack took Switchblade's Maghook from the treacherous Marine's back holster and used its grappling hook to stop his fall.

Attributes Edit

It is shaped like a Tommy Gun with a double handed grip. The 'head' of the Maghook is a magnetic plate, which can be switched on and off. There are also standard hooks that emerge from the plate so that it will act as a grappling hook. It has up to 150 feet of cable.

The MH-12A variant is smaller, about the size of a large pistol.