The United States Air Force Special Area (Restricted) No. 8, simply known as Area 8, is a U.S. Air Force base in the Utah desert.

History Edit

Area 7Edit

It's primary goal is to build the X-38 space shuttle.

The President of the United States went to Area 8 for an inspection on its progress on the X-38, before he went on to Area 7.

The 7th Squadron's Echo Unit killed the skeleton crew at Area 8 and took the X-38 with the intention of using it to escape into space with the Sinovirus-immune child Kevin. Caesar's forces discovered their treachery and pursued them, and kept the Boeing 747 they were using to launch the X-38 from leaving for a while. Meanwhile, Shane Schofield, the President, Mother and Tate also arrived at the base in pursuit of Echo Unit, and Schofield and the President were able to board the 747 before it managed to take off from Area 8.


Aircraft HangerEdit



  • Area 8's name is somewhat of a play on Area 51, the well-known "secret" base supposedly containing alien spacecraft.
    • Somewhat ironically, Area 8 is used as the building place for the prototype X-38 spacecraft.

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