The United States Air Force Special Area (Restricted) No. 7, simply known as Area 7, is a U.S. Air Force base in the Utah desert.

History Edit

Early HistoryEdit

Area 7 was initially a bunker with a thermonuclear bomb beneath it for in case the base was taken over. When the base's function was changed into a biological and viral studies facility, the bomb was left in place in case it was fully contaiminated.

It's final primary goals were to genetically engineer a cure for the Sinovirus and to improve a soldier's stamina. These experiments required prisoner volunteers and Kodiak Bears and Komodo Dragons, as well as a genetically engineered human being, who would form the necessary antibodies for the Sinovirus.

Area 7Edit

Unable to disarm the failsafe, Schofield and Gant fled Area 7 on the X-rail maintenance vehicle to Lake Powell. Area 7 was completely destroyed.



Ground Level - Main HangerEdit


Level 1 - Underground Hanger Bay 1Edit


Level 2 - Underground Hanger Bay 2Edit


Level 3 - Living QuartersEdit


Level 4 - Laboratories and QuarantineEdit


Level 5 - ConfinementEdit


Level 6 - X-Rail PlatformEdit



  • Area 7's name is somewhat of a play on Area 51, the well-known "secret" base supposedly containing alien spacecraft.

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